Beyhadh – Maya’s craze for Arjun


Its Arjun’s important event. Arjun shows his presentation to Maya and everyone. Saanjh has also planned something important and calls up Arjun to meet her at terrace. Saanjh prays that her life gets set.

Maya asks Arjun to come along to know about the event. Arjun informs Saanjh that Maya likes his presentation. Maya does not let Arjun leave and takes him along. Saanjh plans a surprise for Arjun. Maya asks Arjun to focus on his looks. Arjun is confident that he looks good. Maya asks him to wear a tuxedo. Arjun gets surprised. Maya stops him from calling up Saanjh. Maya and Arjun go for the event, and meet the media. Maya gets the gates shut to stop Saanjh coming in the event.


Saanjh reaches there with Arjun’s clothes. Saanjh gets upset for seeing Arjun and Maya walking holding hands. Saanjh manages to see Arjun’s presentation and gets glad. Arjun reveals his amazing work, Maya’s photo on the magazine’s cover page. Maya gets glad, while Saanjh gets a shock. Arjun is smitten by Maya and is boarding a new journey with her. Saanjh was going to propose Arjun. Maya gets crazy seeing Arjun and Saanjh together. Keep reading.


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