Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Thapki Pyaar Ki:
Bihaan and Dhruv have become grooms. While Dhruv is marrying Aditi, Sankara replaces Vaani. The bride swapping will be shown. There will be big twists in the marriage function.

Naagin 2:

Its Yamini’s birthday. Everyone gets dressed in the Bollywood theme. Yamini gets a scorpion at home and plans to get Shivangi bitten. Rocky gets a drink for Shivangi. Yamini takes the drink and passes to Ruchika. Rocky asks them to come on dance floor. Rocky dances with Yamini and Sesha, while Shivangi look on. There are many elements to bring mystery in the party. Rudra becomes waiter and spikes the drink for Sesha. The scorpion bites Sesha.


Harman has got Soumya home. Harak gets the gun to scare him. Harman says no one can dare to harm Soumya in his presence. Harman does not get scared of Harak. Preeto tries to emotionally blackmail. She asks him to leave Soumya. Harman tells Preeto that he is still her son who can do anything for her, but he can’t leave Soumya. The world got against Harman when he took Soumya’s responsibility. Mahi gets angry and tells Harman that she will marry someone else, else if he loves her, then he has to marry her, only then she will believe his love. Harman’s love for Soumya is increasing and getting storm in everyone’s life.


Rishi and Tanuja leave on road trip to Mount Abu. Their car meets with an accident. They try to take lift from someone. They both start arguing. Rishi says she is beautiful and can take lift to go her own way. Tanuja takes lift from someone. The man acts sweet at first and then tries to take her advantage. The man misbehaves with her. Rishi comes to her rescue. Rishi beats the man angrily, and asks how dare he touch his Tanuja. Tanuja witnesses Rishi’s love for her for the first time.


Swara has come to Abhimanyu’s house and became a maid to know his truth. Swara keeps an eye on Abhimanyu to know whether he is Laksh or not.


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