Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Sasural Simar Ka:Vikram and Anjali get married. Soon after the rituals get completed, Simar comes there and gives a tight slap to Vikram. There is huge drama. Anjali gets worried as if Simar is saying Vikram is a criminal, then it will be true.

Piyush told the truth to Simar. Simar was shocked and now gets anger out on Vikram. Anjali gets confused and falls in Vikram’s words. Anjali takes a decision which shocks everyone. Vikram asks Anjali to come with him if she has trust on him, else he will make the marriage null. Anjali decides to leave with Vikram and believes him. Simar gets worried for Anjali’s wrong move.


Chakor and Suraj will do lots of action fights in the village. They were finding a goon Yogesh to get evidence against Bhaiya ji. The goons were beating an innocent shop vendor. Chakor tells Suraj that they should save the man, as they are not cowards. Suraj refuses. Chakor goes to save the man alone.

The goons attack Chakor. Chakor beats the goon with a stick. Suraj looks on as his wife beats the men. When the goons goes to backstab her, Suraj stops the goon and asks him will he attack a girl from behind, and beats the goons. The goons are Yogesh’s men and catch Suraj and Chakor to take them to Yogesh.

Naagin 2:

Rocky tells Shivangi that she will fall in love with him. He asks Shivangi for a dance. Shivangi and Rocky have a paper dance. Sesha gets angry seeing them getting close by every paper fold. Sesha gets jealous seeing Rocky with Shivangi. Sesha was turning into a Naagin to take revenge, but then the song ends.

Sesha does not take her real avatar and stops herself. Rocky and Shivangi win the paper dance, by sustaining their pairing till the last round. Rocky hugs Shivangi and expresses his love. Everyone congratulates Shivangi and Rocky for winning.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Dhruv and Aditi’s wedding night turns shocking, as Shraddha plans and breaks the bed. The bed breaks and things get ruined. Shraddha succeeds to make Dhruv and Aditi away. Shraddha’s doings comes infront of everyone. Dhruv understands Shraddha has done this, as she has done such thing before also.


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