Devanshi – Kusum’s shocking move


Kusum gets to know of Sarla being the blank caller, who always laughs and threatens her. Kusum reaches Sarla’s house and confronts her for this big mistake. She shouts on Sarla and challenges her that she will make Devanshi her devotee.

She holds Sarla’s neck to kill her, but leaves her, asking her to see how she makes Devanshi dances on her fingers. Kusum starts her next big move to get down Devanshi’s growing fame. She tells Mohan that she can’t lose to a little girl. Sarla enjoys Devanshi gaining the huge following of devotees. Sarla happily dances and celebrated Kusum’s failure. Sarla gets much respect as Devanshi’s mother. Sarla tries to keep Devanshi on her side, and fears of Kusum’s warning.

Kusum plays her game and tells everyone about her dream where she has seen all the women in the village to turn widows. She lies to them of a big disaster going to occur in village. She shows her greatness and tells the women that she will sacrifice her own husband to save every woman from turning into a widow. Kusum plays this trick to get rid of her ailing husband Ishwar and also win back status of Mata Kusum Sundar. Devanshi gets to know Kusum’s move to burn Ishwar alive. Devanshi runs to stop this crime. Will Devanshi succeed to stop Kusum from killing Ishwar? Keep reading.


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