Meera’s Mujra upsets Dharam in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Meera does a mujra dance on Dharam’s birthday. Meera throws a birthday party and performs infront of everyone. Meera does weird things. She is helpless to dance like this, because of Chanda.

Chanda has blackmailed Meera that if she did not make Dharam hate her, she will not give her the babies. Vidya and Shravan look on shocked. Dharam gets angry by the embarrassment. Dharam calls the party off and asks guests to leave, if they are done by the entertaining dance. Meera gets upset. Dharam scolds Meera for ruining his reputation.



Meera can’t do anything against Chanda as she is worried for her children. Dharam feels ashamed of Meera. Meera cries and gets to hear Chanda’s taunts. On the other hand, Gopi becomes a statue to keep an eye on Radhika, who goes to steal the Kanha idol. Gopi stops Radhika from stealing the idol. Radhika gets caught and starts her drama. She tells Urvashi that she was going to do puja, but Gopi ruined her puja motives.

Urvashi slaps Gopi and scolds her. Kokila asks Gopi to swear that she will not do anything to stop Jaggi’s marriage. Gopi is true and still has to save all this. Radhika makes Gopi jealous by showing love for Jaggi. Radhika will plan again to steal the idol. Keep reading.


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