Sanskar’s colorful avatar next in Swaragini


Sanskar has come as disguise of a servant Natthulal. He tells Abhimanyu that he will work as a donkey, but he can’t take a breath without his wife. He asks Abhimanyu to hire him for any work. Sanskar has taken a colorful avatar.

Mansi sees a smartphone with Swara and doubts on the maid. She asks Swara about the phone. Swara gets stuck to answer Mansi. Sanskar comes to Swara’s rescue. Swara gets shocked seeing Sanskar. Swara and Sanskar’s romance will be seen. Abhimanyu is innocent and hires Sanskar. But, Mansi is clever and doubts on the maid. Swara and Sanskar will be spying on Abhimanyu to know if he is Laksh staying with Mansi, and what is Mansi hiding.



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