Misunderstandings, annoyance and deceive in Ishqbaaz


Soumya could not remove the ring and blames Rudra for it. She asks why did he make her wear this ring. Rudra thinks she is angry as Reyaan did not make her wear the ring. Rudra gets mistaken that Soumya’s romance plans broke up.

Soumya asks him to assume anything. They have an argument. Rudra taunts her about Reyaan. Soumya scolds him angrily. Rudra and Soumya get annoyed with each other. Meanwhile, Anika feels silly that she did not save the photo. Tia is sure that the truth will not get proved. Anika warns Tia to be careful, as truth will come out before marriage. She insults Tia. Anika challenges Tia to do anything and stop her this time. Anika is determined to save Shivay from the big deceive. Omkara defends Anika’s mistake.

Shivay tells Omkara that Anika is obsessed with him. He says Tia told me and warned me, Anika has a serious problem with Tia. Anika goes to explain Shivay again. She hears Shivay’s statement about her, which actually Tia told him. Shivay tells Omkara what Tia said, and Anika assumes its Shivay’s thinking about her.

Shivay says stalker thing was to get sympathy from him as she wants to take Tia’s place. Shivay tells how Tia meant that poor girls trap rich guys. Anika cries hearing Shivay’s bitter words. Anika wonders how could Shivay think so about her. Shivay feels her presence and till he turns, Anika leaves.

Omkara finds Tia’s thinking disgusting. He asks Shivay what is his opinion about Anika. Shivay says I understand Anika and she is not such girl. He is helpless to believe Tia. He finds Anika’s behavior weird and hurdle maker. Shivay still believes person’s thinking depends on family lineage and blood.

Anika is too hurt and wonders why Shivay insulted her. She finds its her mistake to care about Shivay. Tia spots Anika crying and passes bitter taunts on her tears. Tia suggests Anika to accept Daksh’s proposal and grab what she is getting. Daksh witnesses this moment and takes Anika’s side to get her in his favor. Will Anika realize Daksh is Tia’s D? Keep reading.


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