Raman and Ishita’s super plan revelation in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Many things changed after the short leap in the show. The family gets to know of Ishita’s relationship with Vidyut. Mrs. Bhalla gets her anger out on both Ishita and Raman. She slaps Ishita and Raman angrily.

Raman has come back home and got slaps as the welcome gift from his mum. Mrs. Bhalla throws the newspapers on Ishita’s face. Mrs. Bhalla is very angry and upset. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita is this her conference and scolds her for breaking her trust. She calls Ishita shameless and asks her to go and die. She asks Ishita who is this man, with whom Ishita wants to start her life. Raman looks on worried and hides along with Romi.

They were trying to tell truth to Mrs. Bhalla, but seeing her anger and slap drama going on, Raman prefers to hide. After seeing Ishita blamed more, Raman goes to tell the truth. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman and Ishita have hurt her a lot by hiding the matter, and asks them to leave from the house.


Ishita went to Adelaide to meet Raman, and Vidyut is Raman’s friend. Vidyut was the guy who was bridging Raman and Ishita. Everyone was thinking Ishita is having an affair. Raman tells everyone that Ishita came to meet him in Adelaide and it was all their surprise. Their plan gets known to everyone. Ishita has no one in hfe life, as Raman and Ishita love each other. Raman and Ishita were acting such separated couple to win Pihu’s love.

Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ishita and apologizes to her. She asks Raman why did he not tell the family, even they would have supported them in this plan. Everyone blesses Raman and Ishita. Their sorrow turn into happiness all of a sudden after knowing the complete truth. Ruhi and Adi get glad knowing their parents are still together. Mrs. Bhalla spends some good time with Ishita to compensate the angry slap. Raman and Ishita’s plan to get Pihu back in the family starts working.


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