Chandra Nandni – Nandini’s revenge


Chandra Nandni is getting the track of Chandragupt and Nandini. The marriage means a medium to seek revenge for Nandini, while Chandragupt also marries him without any emotions. Nandini had a life filled by happiness and peace.

Nandini is Magadh King’s Nand’s daughter. Chandragupt has killed her father and nine brothers. She is going to marry Chandragupt now. Everyone feel its her new start in her life, but it’s actually the end of Chandragupt’s life. Nandini visits the war battle and sees the dead bodies of Nand and her brother. She shatters seeing the Magadh’s destruction. She says Chandragupt has won in this war and conquered the Maghadh dynasty, but she will fail him in his life. Chandragupt comes in the war ground and sees Nandini, while she holds the Magadh soil and swears to ruin down Chandragupt completely. Keep reading.


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