Shakti – Harman to commit suicide


Preeto asks Harman to get away from him and angrily goes to commit suicide. She gets kerosene and pours on herself to burn herself. On the other hand, Harman does drama and gets a knife.

He threatens Preeto and asks her to stop, else he will cut his wrist. He asks her not to do drama. He says stop nonsense, you know I love you. Preeto gets a matchstick to burn herself. Harman cuts his wrist to stop Preeto. Preeto gets shocked and worries for him. Soumya gets shocked seeing this. Preeto is trying best to make Soumya out of the house. The suicide drama is happening because of Soumya.

Preeto stops Harman’s bleeding and does aid to his hand. Soumya cries seeing all this. Preeto begs Soumya and asks her to leave Harman, if she loves Harman truly. Harman wakes up early morning and makes tea for Soumya, with his injured hand. He tells Preeto that he is making tea for Soumya and goes. Preeto worries and wonders if everything is wrong with Harman’s mind. She finds him mad to love a kinner. Soumya folds hands and apologizes to Preeto.


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