Kartik and Naira’s cute romance moments next in Yeh Rishta…

Kartik and Naira to unite

Singhania and Maheshwari families plan a get together. They are very happy. They celebrate Akshara’s birthday. They sing, dance and spread smiles. Naira and Kartik romance and have cute moments while being with the families.

All the members sleep in the living hall and have good time. Kartik and Naira exchange stares. Naira gives tea to Kartik and signs him to come out. Kartik makes a reason and goes out to meet Naira. Naira catches Kartik and scares him. Kartik gets afraid of Naitik and runs back to everyone. Naira laughs seeing Kartik’s innocence. The family celebrates Akshara’s birthday and sings an Antakshiri. It’s an emotional scene where Akshara showers love on her children. Akshara leaves from home. Her footprints get impressed on the house door. Akshara is going to die in the track. Parul Chauhan will be entering the show as Kartik’s step mother.


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