Ruhi helps Raman in tricking Shagun in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman and Shagun have come to restaurant for a change. Ruhi comes there and brings a big drama along. Raman feeds Pihu and spends time with him. Shagun gets anger out on Ishita, and Raman listens to her.

Raman too speaks bad about Ishita. Ruhi gets angry hearing Raman and asks Raman how can he speak against Ishita. She asks Raman does he not care if Ishita is moving on, how can he think of giving divorce and breaking their family. Raman calls Ishita disloyal and wants to end relations with her. Ruhi takes Raman’s lesson. Raman was planning and backbiting about Ishita.

There is misunderstanding in Ruhi’s mind. Ruhi asks Raman how can he think bad of Ishita, who is his true love. Ruhi does not know Raman’s plan. Raman is taking Vidyut’s help to expose Shagun’s truth. Raman hears Ruhi’s lecture silently, to act infront of Shagun. Ruhi’s scoldings help Raman in his drama. It gets a positive impact on Shagun’s mind. Shagun really believes that Ishita wants to move on with Vidyut.

Ruhi has done Raman’s work unknowingly. Raman is glad seeing Shagun getting influenced and believing this fake truth. Shagun gets revengeful and thinks to snatch Vidyut from Ishita to show Ishita her place. Shagun wants to challenge Ishita and ruin her new relationship. Shagun meets Vidyut and tells him that she is single and Pihu is not his daughter. Pihu will get to know this and leave Shagun, after seeing Shagun’s real face. Credit goes to Ruhi too for unknowingly fooling Shagun.


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