Naagin 2: Rudra and Shivangi


Sesha is unconscious by scorpion poison. Sesha’s other avatar goes to woo Vikram and flirts with him. Rudra has attacked Vikram by taking Sesha’s avatar. Vikram faints.

Rudra has taken the revenge by using Sesha’s avatar. Sesha is saved by Kapalika. Kapalika cuts Sesha’s finger and gets some blood sample to know the matter of the scorpion bite. Kabalika reads mantras. Sesha gets conscious. Rudra has changed the scorpion poison and saved Shivangi, making Sesha drink the poison. Kabalika tells Yamini and Avantika that Sesha has poison in her blood. Shivangi has got the blessing by Shiv Bhakti. Rudra is the blessing for Shivangi. He has come to help Shivangi, as their enemies and aim are same. Rudra tells Shivangi that their enemies can’t get saved by Naag and Naagin’s revenge. Keep reading.


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