Pardes Alert: Naina heartily accepts Veer’s proposal


Raghav gets a big news and calls all the family members to come in living room. Everyone was curious to know what is the matter. Raghav tells family that Naina has agreed to marry Veer.

Dadi gets shocked and happy. She dances. Pam gets upset as her plan to get Veer and Sanjana married break. Raghav made the good announcement, and everyone is happy. Dadi says I knew Veer will win Naina’s heart, and now Veer has proved that he is her grandson. Sudha does not know to be happy or not, as Naina is from a poor family. Dadi asks Sudha why did she get numb.

Sudha acts and says its such a great news and I m not able to react. Sudha says I m very happy for Veer. Dadi announces that Veer and Naina will marry soon. She asks the family to ask anything, and she will give any wish. Raghav asks Dadi is she sure. He asks Dadi to forgive him for that day when he was helping Sanjana. Dadi recalls the incident and gets angry. Dadi does not forgive Raghav. Raghav was thinking Dadi’s mood is good and she can forgive him, but seeing nothing such happened, Raghav silently goes away and cries. Balraj and Pam worry by Veer and Naina’s marriage announcement. What will Sanjana do knowing this shocking news? Keep reading.


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