Beyhadh – Maya’s proposal


No one can know what’s going on in Maya’s mind and heart. Maya invites Saanjh for dinner. Saanjh gets nervous while meeting Maya. Maya asks Saanjh about Arjun’s likes and dislikes. She asks if Arjun likes any outing.

Saanjh tells Maya that Arjun never went out of India and likes to visit foreign countries. Maya asks her to be specific, and shows her craziness by keeping a knife at Saanjh’s neck. Saanjh witnesses Maya’s madness for the first time and is shocked.

Later on, Maya and Arjun will be seen enjoying in foreign lands. Maya’s madness will be seen by Arjun. Maya and Arjun board the hot air balloon and reach the heights in the sky. Maya proposes Arjun in the middle of the sky. Arjun gets shocked. Maya tells Arjun that if he refuses to her proposal, she will jump down the hot air balloon and die. Arjun gets worried and stops Maya from her madness. Maya hugs him, after he accepts her proposal. What will Arjun do next? Keep reading.


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