Raghav cooks up story about Veer and Naina’s date


Raghav and Naina meet on a date. They share an emotional talk as they value relations equally. Raghav comes home and tries to convince Dadi to forgive him. Raghav hears Dadi talking to Dada ji.

Raghav shows some attitude to her. Raghav tells Shaurya the fake date story of Veer and Naina. Dadi did not know that Veer did not go to meet Naina. Raghav sees Dadi hearing him, and tells all the lovey dovey things Veer did for Naina. Dadi gets too pleased by hearing this good news. Dadi feels everything is going on well. Raghav feels guilty to lie to Dadi.

But, he thinks he will explain Veer and make everything fine. Dadi is not talking to Raghav. Raghav has to talk to indirectly to pass message to her. Dadi also feels bad to stay annoyed with Raghav. Raghav thinks Dadi will forgive him. Raghav wanted to do good, but something wrong happens. Dadi gets to know Veer did not meet Naina and gets angry on Raghav for lying about the date. Raghav tries to explain Dadi. Will Dadi forgive Raghav this time? Keep reading.


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