Yamini and Sesha troubled by their new enemy in Naagin 2


Yamini, Sesha and Avantika are troubled by Rudra. They get a blood sample of the Naag, and reach Kabalika to get info about their new enemy. Kabalika tells them that they have killed an Icchadhaari Naagin, and now that Naag has come to take revenge.

Sesha tells them that she has not killed anyone. Yamini also says the same, and then recalls Amar knocking down a woman by the car. Sesha says that case was shut. Kabalika says that was not a woman, but an Icchadhari Naagin whose husband has come to take revenge. Yamini asks Kabalika to show the Naag’s face. Seeing Rudra’s avatar as the dangerous Naag, Yamini gets scared and says this looks very revengeful.

Yamini wonders how is her fate that Naagins and Naags are his enemy. Sesha corrects her as Yamini has Sesha on her side. Kabalika gives them a protective mantra beads, and now they all feel protective. Vikram gets scared and comes home, tell Yamini that he has seen an enormous snake. Vikram panics and fears they all will get killed. A new Garuda character will be entering the show. Sesha, Yamini and Shivangi will keep fast for their husbands. Sesha hears Rocky is also keeping fast for Shivangi and gets angry. Sesha tells Yamini that she will keep fast for Rocky, whom she loved and whom she will marry.


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