Daksh’s creepy truth get revealed in Ishqbaaz


Daksh comes to meet Anika. He tells Shivay that there is no need to send Anika home. Shivay says Anika never stays in Oberoi mansion, as she never leaves Sahil alone. Daksh tells Shivay that now Anika’s fiance is here and Anika will spend the night with him.

Shivay asks Daksh is he mad to think so, its just engagement that happened, not marriage. Daksh shows his true face to Shivay. Shivay says marriage happens after engagement and then he can take relation ahead. Daksh clears Shivay’s doubt and laughs on his old mindset. Daksh shocks Shivay by his cheap thinking. He tells Shivay that engagement means wedding night in today’s times. He laughs on Shivay and tells his plan to trap a beautiful middle class girl by engagement trick. Shivay gets angry and asks Daksh why did you say you love Anika. Daksh says I just lied, after all I have come to enjoy with Anika. Shivay can’t hear such cheap things and scolds Daksh. Shivay feels Daksh is disgusting. He asks Daksh not to take advantage of Anika. He warns Daksh to stay in his limits. Daksh confronts Shivay and asks what does Anika mean to you. Daksh gets mad seeing Shivay’s concern for Anika. He asks Shivay not to get possessive about Anika. He tells he will get paid for his investment of the costly ring.

Shivay warns him to get away from Anika. Shivay clears Anika is not such girl to agree to Daksh. Daksh bets with Shivay that Anika will come in his arms by her own wish, and spend the night with him. Daksh challenges Shivay to stop him. Shivay can’t believe Daksh’s true face.


Shivay orders Anika to go home and leave all the work. Anika tells her work did not end yet. Shivay keeps on insisting. Her refusal makes him mad. He asks her not to test her patience. She asks what’s his problem, why is he affected by her presence. He drags her to send her home, and save her from Daksh’s cheap plannings. Nevertheless, Daksh creates an illusion and makes Shivay believe that Anika has spent the night with him. Will Shivay believe Daksh and fall in his dirty trap? Keep reading.


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