Jaggi avoids marriage with Radhika in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Jaggi is getting married to Radhika. They sit in the mandap. Gopi is trying to stop their marriage. Jaggi makes an excuse and says he will not let marriage rituals start till Gopi comes. Urvashi says Gopi will come, and asks him to sit.

Radhika and Urvashi get worried. Sona, Urmila and Gopi made the planning. Urmila gave this idea to Jaggi. She asks him to delay the marriage. Jaggi tells the rasam to Urvashi, where groom has to leave from mandap. He asks Urmila to say. Urmila says yes, then groom is locked in the room, and bride’s family has to get him back by convincing him. Radhika and Mangesh understand Jaggi’s plan. Vidya and Shravan stop Mangesh from doing anything. Radhika feels the growing complications. Sona gets the gun and catches one of Radhika’s goon. There is much drama in the show. Keep reading.


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