P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke – Rebuilding relations


Salim has decided to stay away from Imaan’s family. Imaan realizes he is being followed, and confronts Vikram. He advises Vikram to hire a smarter agent. Sartaj catches up Satish and they get into a fight.

Sartaj injures Satish and lands up in jail. Harleen gets him out of jail and supports him back home. Shaira decides to get Salim back in Nazneen’s life by any way. She angrily heads to pub and gets drunk. She purposely falls in trouble to catch Salim’s attention, as Salim always comes to her rescue. Salim gets Shaira home and distances from Nazneen. Imaan and Nazneen visit the Singh family. Imaan and Nazneen come to meet Sartaj and Harleen. Imaan tells Sartaj to hold Harleen’s hand forever, as she is his biggest support.


Vikram tries finding proof against Imaan, and does not get anything at the photography store. Ayaan meets Vikram at college. Vikram decides to use Ayaan against his father. Vikram convinces Ayaan to spy on Imaan. Imaan and Nazneen celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti with Singh family. The distance between Sartaj and Harleen gets less. Imaan tries to win his children Shaira and Ayaan, while Ayaan continues to work secretly for Vikram. Nazneen is in dilemma over accepting Imaan. Harleen tells Nazneen to live for the family’s happiness, when its tough to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. Nazneen bonds with Imaan, while Sartaj starts valuing Harleen. Keep reading.


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