Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Kasam: Rishi and Tanuja had come for a dinner date. Malaika joined them and takes Rishi to the dance floor. She makes Tanuja jealous by dancing romantically with Rishi. Tanuja gets upset and goes to dance with someone.

Rishi gets angry seeing Tanuja dancing with a guy. Malaika has come to break Rishi and Tanuja’s romance. Malaika dances with Rishi, while Tanuja dances with someone else. Rishi and Tanuja get jealous seeing other partners. Rishi goes and stops the guy, asking him to dance with someone else, as Tanuja is his wife. He scolds the guy and sends him away. Rishi asks Tanuja for dance. They both dance and have an unspoken chemistry. Rishi and Tanuja’s love will blossom soon.


Harman loves Soumya and is not afraid to express his love infront of anyone. Soumya gets unwell. Harman takes care of her and does a head massage. Soumya got dizzy after having the food sent by Preeto. Soumya started blindly believing Preeto. Preeto has added some medicine in the food. But, Harman relieves Soumya’s headache. Soumya and Harman’s trust will be tested by Preeto’s bad plottings. Preeto asks Soumya to take rest and is behaving well. Soumya thinks Preeto is protective about Harman and did all that in past. After Nimmi’s death, Soumya finds a mother in Preeto.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali is happy with Vikram. Anjali comes home for patpehere ritual. Simar tells Anjali that she will know Vikram’s truth within two days. Vikram’s mum worries seeing the blood marks on the ground and asks him whether he has hurt Anjali.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan and Kabir try to win Thapki’s heart. Both of them did crazy things to impress Vaani. Kabir has made the beautiful house with candles and gave a romantic message to Thapki, while Bihaan has made her drawing with love. Kabir proposes Vaani infront of Bihaan and everyone. Kabir confesses his love for Vaani. The Pandey family witnesses this. Bihaan is angry seeing Vaani with Kabir. Bihaan wanted to express love to Vaani. Vaani accepts Kabir’s proposal and gives her hand. Thapki sees Bihaan and is dilemma. Kabir makes Vaani wear the ring. Bihaan gets angry and burns Thapki’s drawing angrily. Bihaan and Thapki’s love story is still going through tough phase of misunderstandings.


Imli takes a tiffin for Vivaan at office. Vivaan does not answer her call. Imli is worried that Vivaan will know her truth, that she has threatened Raunak and took a job for Vivaan. Vivaan will know it very soon. Suraj has saved Chakor’s life and gets her home. He tells her that no one would have saved her if he was not there. Chakor tells him that she is the one who always saves him, and she will save him even today. She takes the gun from Suraj and aims at Ragini, who was trying to shoot down Suraj. Suraj realizes Chakor is really his protective shield. Will Chakor be able to save Suraj from Ragini’s plan?

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