Radhika leaves a shocking surprise for Modis in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Gopi shouts that Jaggi will not marry Radhika. She tells everyone that marriage will happen today, but not with Radhika, Jaggi will marry me. There is much drama. Kokila says you can’t marry Jaggi. Gopi tells her that she is risking her life to save Jaggi from Radhika, as she is Jaggi’s friend.

Kokila says you are ruining your life like this, and asks her not to marry Jaggi. Radhika and Mangesh manage to escape and get the bomb to surprise the Modis. Radhika tells them that she has the bomb and remote in her hand. She says I will kill all of you if you all act smart and asks them to save themselves. She throws the bomb in the mandap and runs with Mangesh. The timer starts. Jaggi picks the bomb and fails the plan of Radhika. He asks Gopi to wait for him and runs out of the house. Gopi worries for Jaggi and runs after him. Jaggi sees Gopi’s love for him in her concern. Gopi worries that Jaggi may die. Radhika could not steal the idol and left bomb in Modi house. Jaggi manages to throw the bomb away and come home with Gopi, to everyone’s relieve. Seeing Gopi’s concern for Jaggi.


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