Shivay and Anika’s take on prenup in Ishqbaaz


In this week’s last episode, viewers will see many twists. Shivay and Anika’s marriage happening in the unexpected situation and more. Anika goes to call Shivay for the marriage. Shivay heads to call Tia.

Rudra is back to spread his charm and humor. Dadi is glad seeing Omkara and Rudra. Rudra is thankful to Omkara and Soumya for rescuing him. The brothers are happy to meet the groom Shivay. They go to call Shivay. Tia is tensed and in dilemma. Shivay calls Tia to come. Tia takes some time to get ready. Tia’s husband comes to meet her.


Shivay finds Rudra upset and not in his lively form as always. Rudra has faced a lot and now cries that Shivay is getting married to Tia. Shivay assures that he will always be their brother, even after marriage. Rudra fears Shivay will change after his marriage. Shivay tells them that his love for his brothers will never change. Rudra reminds him of Anika. Rudra makes Shivay promise of his words. Rudra gets the promise bands for Shivay and Omkara. Rudra ties the band to Shivay and Omkara, and tells of their never-ending love under any circumstances. Omkara and Rudra ask Shivay to get Tia fast and come to the mandap. Shivay hugs his brothers.

Tia’s husband turns out to be Dushyant, who has lied to everyone that he is Tia’s brother Robin. Dushyant asks Tia not to do this. Tia and Dushyant are the fraud couple who have made this game to take away Shivay’s property. Shivay thinks of Anika. He prepares his mind to not think of Anika.

Shivay focuses on his future with Tia, and yet his heart does not get convinced. Tia tries to convince Dushyant to let this marriage happen, as its their own plan to get rich. Dushyant can’t bear to think of Tia and Shivay’s marriage. Tia asks Dushyant not to do this mistake, as it’s the final phase of their plan. Dushyant does not let Tia go away. Dushyant’s madness succeeds to stop Tia. Shivay reaches Tia’s room to take her along. Shivay gets worried by Tia’s absence. Everyone wait for the bride. Shivay looks for Tia everywhere, and does not get her. He gets a note from Tia. Tia apologizes to Shivay for not being ready to marry him. Shivay receives a big shock reading her note.

Dadi calls up Shivay to get Tia fast. Oberoi family performs in the marriage ceremony. Shivay has no answer for the world. Dadi keeps on sending someone or the other to call Shivay and Tia. Shivay meets Agarwal family and does the deal to support their company. He makes a pre-nuptial contract and asks the girl to marry him for a single day, and he will give her divorce the next day. The parents agree to the business deal as its matter of one day, while the girl feels forced to marry as per the contract. Shivay chooses Agarwal family as family’s blood and lineage matters to him. He does the deal and asks the girl to sit in mandap in Tia’s place. He hands over the pre-nuptial contract papers to Agarwals. Shivay makes excuses in front of Priyanka and sends her, saying Tia needs some time to get ready. He does not let the family know of his plan. Anika finds Richa Agarwal instead Tia as the bride. Anika gets to know Shivay’s decision of marrying Richa by a contract. Shivay and Anika get into an argument over the prenup. Keep reading.


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