Chandra and Nandini’s revengeful marriage next in Chandra Nandni


Nandini is getting the haldi applied. Nandini is marrying Chandra to seek revenge. Chandra has no feelings for her, and agrees to marry Nandini on Helena convincing him. Chandra tells how much hatred he has for Nandini, who is Nand’s daughter.

Chandra can’t forget the tortures Nand has done to Moora, but Moora has a clean heart and has forgiven Nandini. Nandini adds poison in the haldi which is going to be applied to Chandra. Chandra gets to know this truth eventually and reacts angrily. Chandra and Nandini’s bitterness and revengeful motives in each other’s hearts will be realized by both of them. Avantika asks Nandini to have poison and die, and go to Nand. Avantika tells Nandini that she will not believe whatever is told about her father Nand.

Avantika asks Nandini to die better than failing to take revenge. Avantika says Nand was not a good person and this is the truth, but Nand was a great father for Nandini. She asks Nandini to take revenge. Nandini starts her revenge plans by adding poison in the haldi. Moora and Helena apply the haldi to Chandra. Chanakya stopped everyone from applying poisonous haldi to Chandra. Chanakya replaces the poisonous haldi and makes them do the haldi ceremony with normal haldi. Chandra applies the haldi on his face right infront of Nandini, and asks her to apply it to her face also, as the haldi applied to the groom should be applied to bride as well. Nandini witnesses Chandra’s anger. Keep reading.


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