Kokila fakes a heart attack; Gopi to leave Modi house


Kokila shouts on Jaggi and says she does not want his wife to stay in her house. Parag argues with Kokila and says his house Laxmi will not stay here. Gopi tells Urvashi that she does not want peace in the house because of her.

Gopi tells Jaggi that she will leave the house. Parag gets angry and says this is my house, my son Jaggi and my bahu Gopi will stay in my house. Urvashi invites the neighbor ladies for her bahu’s mu dikhai. Gopi’s mu dikhai turns upsetting for Kokila. When the ladies come, Kokila apologizes to them and says there is no mu dikhai here. Kokila gets a heart attack and falls over the stairs. Everyone rush to her. Urmila calls the doctor. Kokila gets fine and tells everyone that she has acted of heart attack. Everyone did not expect Kokila to do this acting. Kokila shouts that even she did not wish to do drama, but she did this as they all made her helpless. Gopi and Jaggi get ready to leave from the house. Gopi apologizes to Kokila. Gopi says I don’t want Kokila’s health to get unwell. Kokila and Parag have a heated argument. Keep reading.


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