Suraj to turn Bhaiya ji’s bandhua in Udaan


Bhaiya ji tells his plan to Ranjana that he does not want to kill Suraj, but wants to make his life worse than death. He stamps Suraj’s picture with the bandhua stamp, and tells Ranjana that he will make Suraj his bandhua.

He asks Ranjana to stop Ragini from killing Suraj. Chakor gets to know that Yadav is working for Bhaiya ji, as Bhaiya ji has kept his family captive. She rushes to inform Imli and Vivaan for saving Suraj. Bhaiya ji gets to know that Ragini is hospitalized. He asks Ragini to cancel her plan of killing Suraj. Yadav attacks Suraj and tells he is helpless as he is following Bhaiya ji and Ragini’s instructions to save his family. Chakor manages to run away from the haveli along with Imli to save Suraj. Imli gets to know Vivaan is not in his office. Vivaan, Chakor and Imli land to save Suraj and succeed.


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