Fun challenges and dance drama next in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman, Romi and Adi head to the pub to party. While they go on the dance floor, a group challenges them for dance and show them down by the cool moves. The group is Ishita, Mihika and Aaliya dressed as stylish cool dudes.

Bhalla house guys have come to have fun and chose the girls on the floor to dance. But, Ishita and her female gang came with equal attitude and spoiled all the fun. They stop Raman, Romi and Adi from dancing with other girls, and take over the dance floor. Ishita asks the girl to dance with her. The ladies throw the challenge. Raman, Romi and Adi lose out in the Cute race by the Bhalla women. Ishita, Mihika and Aaliya do the guys’ dance moves and win the girls by their charm.


Raman was shocked to see his charm failing in front of the other dudes. Ishita tells Raman that he looks married by his face and his uncle avatar is the reason by which he lost. She gives him boyish tips and asks him to chill. Ishita just comes there to check what their husbands are doing. Adi doubts that their partners have easily sent them to have fun and party, and wants to head back home to see what the women are doing. Raman, Romi and Adi worry for their partners and rush home. They will get to know Ishita, Mihika and Aaliya made them lose in the dance challenge in the pub. They get all praising about their wives/partners. Keep reading.


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