Beyhadh – Maya’s Ishq


Arjun is caught in Maya’s trap completely. Even if its day or night, Maya does not care about anyone else. Maya takes Arjun for a long drive at night. Arjun feels sleepy. Maya just wants Arjun to be with her. Maya smiles and is planning a new shock for Arjun.

Arjun asks her to finish the ride soon and they shall go home. Arjun is focused on his work and job. Saanjh has seen Arjun hugging Maya. Arjun goes to explain Saanjh. Saanjh walks on the road crying and goes to give her life being in sorrow. Arjun saves Saanjh from getting hit by the car. Arjun scolds her for her stupid move. Saanjh hugs him. Saanjh loves Arjun, while Maya is passionate about Arjun. Saanjh tries explaining Arjun that he is getting caught by Maya. Arjun does not love anyone, but both Saanjh and Maya love him. Arjun is innocent and thinks of just his job. He follows Maya’s orders as she is his boss, but Maya has other plans.

For the first time, Maya will be showing her mad love to Arjun by proposing him in the sky. The love will be out of all limits. Maya’s love will be Beyhadh. Maya is going to propose Arjun with a handcuff. She takes a ring, a knife and a handcuff for Arjun. Maya feels everything is fair in love. Maya wants to cage Arjun in her love.

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Maya wants to end Saanjh’s love story. Arjun takes Maya to the hospital after she injures herself. Arjun hugs Maya and supports her. Saanjh and Ayaan come to the hospital and spot Arjun with Maya. Maya thinks Arjun’s support is his love for her. Maya waits for Arjun’s reply. Arjun meets her at office and refuses to her proposal. Maya fires him from the job. Maya will find some way to get Arjun.

Arjun did not say yes to Maya’s proposal. Arjun did not give his reply till now. But, Saanjh feels Arjun also loves Maya. Arjun explains Saanjh that he does not want such mad love, he will refuse to Maya. Saanjh has seen Arjun and Maya’s romance.

Arjun shouts that there is nothing between him and Maya, Maya is very rich and influential, if he did not stop Maya and said yes to her proposal, Maya would have jumped down the balloon. Saanjh calls him mad and asks how can he say yes. Arjun tells her that he does not love Maya. Arjun is not understanding that he is getting trapped in Maya’s web. Saanjh tries to explain him again and again to avoid Maya. Arjun has one aim to become a famous photographer. Arjun is denying to love right now, but does not know he is already caught up badly. Keep reading.


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