Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Udaan: Bhaiya ji and Suraj have a fight in the haveli. The reason for their fight is Chakor, who got missing. Suraj gets worried for Chakor. Seeing Bhaiya ji and Ranjana planning, Suraj feels Chakor is in danger.

Naagin 2:

Rudra is injured. Shivangi takes him to the temple and prays to Shiv. Guru ji asks Shivangi to get such herbs that has to be obtained in her Naagin avatar. Shivangi takes a Naagin avatar to get the herbs to cure Rudra. On the other hand, Sesha and Yamini meet the mystery man, who is Ankush’s twin brother. He is also involved in killing Shivanya. There will be a party track, where the entry of the last killer will be seen. The new person will fill poison in Shivangi’s life. Its not easy for Shivangi to save Rudra, but Shivangi leaves to get the herb. Shivangi will succeed and save Rudra from Kaal. Shivangi says this is the start of her revenge, she will kill all of her enemies one by one.


Tanuja is pregnant, and this shocking news turns upsetting for everyone. Rano asks Tanuja whose child does she have. Malaika taunts Tanuja and asks why did she not tell them before, she would have got Tanuja married to any guy to cover her pregnancy, why did she marry Rishi. Tanuja raises hand on Malaika, but Rano stops her. Rano does not believe that its Rishi’s child, and asks Tanuja whose child does she want to make Bedi’s heir. Rano calls Tanuja shameless and asks her not to dare and slap Malaika. Malaika has said bad to Tanuja’s parents and upbringing. Tanuja gets upset.


Swaragini is wrapping up. Sanskar and Laksh show tashan to each other for the final time. Sanskar asks Abhimanyu to leave, as Annapurna wants to see her son. Sanskar’s bitter words make Laksh speak up the truth. Laksh hugs Sanskar and cries. Laksh is going to accept infront of everyone that he is Laksh, not Abhimanyu. Annapurna is ill. Laksh goes to Annapurna and asks her to please get up. Annapurna hugs Laksh and cries.

Laksh apologizes to her for hurting her so much. Annapurna’s illness has broken up Laksh. He tried hard to do the drama, but he tells the truth to everyone. He says he was helpless to stay as Abhimanyu with Mansi. He hugs Durga Prasad and Shekhar, and takes blessings. Laksh says he could not say truth to anyone, as it was risky for him. Ragini runs to Laksh and they hug.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Kabir shoots at Bihaan, but fails. Thapki gets injured instead Bihaan. They get closer by the incident. Thapki worries seeing the bullet stuck in the tree and thinks who is trying to kill Bihaan. Thapki comes across a place where she hears cries of little children. She goes to find out and comes across the group of children kidnapped to get sold by the goons. Thapki reaches the place were children are kidnapped. The goons see Thapki when she goes to free the children. While saving the children, Thapki also gets kidnapped.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar has exposed Vikram and slapped him to end his game. Simar records Vikram trying to kill Vaidehi. She exposes Vikram infront of the family. Prem gets angry and gets Vikram arrested for his crime. Anjali gets angry on Simar for ruining her life for Vaidehi. Anjali goes to commit suicide. Will Simar and Prem save Anjali?

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