Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita has come back from the lockup. Mrs. Bhalla does her aarti and welcomes her home. The Bhallas party. They have wine and celebrate. The new guy Suhail proved Ishita innocent. He asks Raman not to worry, as he will manage everything.

The family did not expect any stranger to help them this way. Bhallas and Iyers celebrate. Suhail’s charm will be striking Ruhi now. He wins everyone’s heart. Suhail is attracted to Ruhi. Later, Raman is in tension because of Shagun. He gets angry on Shagun as Shagun is ready to give divorce to Mani and marry Vidyut. Ishita and Vidyut are also upset by their wrong planning.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Akshara used to play veena and sing bhajan. Naira makes Akshara’s memories alive and plays the veena to sing the same bhajan like Akshara. Everyone mourn for Akshara’s death. The family observes silence. Manish and his family come there and disturb Singhanias. Manish asks Naitik about Kartik. Naitik and Naira tell Manish that they don’t know anything. Manish threatens them to speak up. Naitik says Kartik is in police station and asks Manish to leave from their house right away. Naira asks Kartik’s family not to come again.

Mere Angne Mein:

During Lucky and Preeti’s sangeet ceremony, Sarla worries when Lallan makes an entry in Shanti Sadan. Lallan spikes everyone’s drinks. Lallan then misbehaves with Preeti and asks her to dance with him. He grabs her hand and forces her to dance. Preeti does not want to dance. Shivam and Nandu get angry seeing Lallan forcing Preeti. Shanti asks Sarla to send her relative away. Lallan does not get controlled, and Nandu angrily intervenes. Nandu goes and picks his bat to beat up Lallan. Shanti gets a doubt on Lucky, who looks like Nandu and knows Nandu’s room too. Shanti decides to find Lucky’s truth. Nandu saves Preeti by threatening Lallan.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil:

Naina is very happy and selects the jewelry for her. Naina and her family have a good time. Sanjana looks for Veer. Sanjana went to Veer’s room to keep a love letter for him. Sanjana expresses her feelings to Veer and gets shocked seeing Dadi. Dadi warns Sanjana to stay away from Veer. Dadi understood that Sanjana likes Veer, and she has framed Raghav. Dadi cries thinking she made Raghav leave the house by the misunderstanding. Sanjana’s truth got out. Raghav is proved innocent.


Asha becomes the legal guardian of Angie, whom Sumuki adopts. Neela helps Asha and defends her in front of Mr. Patel. Avni starts believing in Neela and they turn into great friends. Neela wants to help Avni and has good intentions. Seeing Avni’s likes for Neela, Asha breaks the truth to Avni about Neela and Ashish’s relation. Asha tells Avni that Ashish is going to marry Neela. Avni gets a big shock knowing this, but decides to keep her friendship with Neela.


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