Tia to mock kidnapping to trick Oberois in Ishqbaaz


Shivay sees Omkara and Rudra coming and hides Anika from them. Shivay asks the reason of their coming. Rudra tells Shivay that Omkara wanted to give welcome gift to Tia. Omkara asks Shivay about Tia. Shivay makes excuses.

Omkara tells Shivay that he wants to meet Tia once. Shivay asks his brothers to leave, as he just wants some good rest now. Omkara does not give up and goes to Dadi to prepone the Mu dikhai ritual. Shivay asks Anika to leave late night. Anika insists she will leave. Shivay asks her to go via his car. Anika does not like to take his help. He worries for her safety. Anika taunts him that he did the worst with her. Shivay covers her face with the veil, so that no one sees her. They have a similar moment like their initial meets. Anika is hurt recalling the way he forced her for marriage. He does not want anyone to know the truth.

Anika could not see the way in veil. Shivay helps her out and takes her. Omkara gets the entire family for the Mu Dikhai ritual and surprises Shivay. Shivay gets a shock when Dadi tells him about preponing Mu Dikhai ritual. Shivay does not want it to happen. Omkara asks Shivay why is he avoiding it. Pinky is also eager to see Tia in the bridal dress. Omkara asks Dadi not to delay now and start the ritual. Shivay gets worried. Omkara wants the truth to come out.

Dadi shows the shagun she kept for Shivay’s wife. Anika feels bad to give this shock to everyone. Anika wishes Shivay speaks up. Dadi gives the shagun to Anika. Anika decides to tell truth herself. Pinky asks Dadi to show them Tia’s face. Dadi lifts the veil. Everyone gets a big shock seeing Anika as the bride. Omkara’s doubt gets confirmed.

Everyone asks Shivay for an answer. Jhanvi asks Shivay did he marry Anika, instead Tia. Rudra’s dream to make Anika his sister-in-law gets fulfilled. Tej and Shakti scold Shivay for lying to them. Pinky gets angry seeing Anika. They all ask Shivay why did he cheat them by marrying Anika.

Pinky vents her anger out on Anika for cheating them. Pinky blames Anika to trap Shivay and marry him for the sake of money. Pinky’s accuses Anika to ruin Shivay’s life. Pinky raises hand to slap Anika. Shivay stops Pinky and tells the truth of the forced marriage. Shivay tells the family that Tia has run away before marriage. He tells them that he married Anika to save Oberoi reputation. Omkara is disappointed with Shivay for falling so low to save the business. Tia mocks her kidnapping to get an entry back in Shivay’s life. Will Shivay fall in Tia’s words and believe her again? Keep reading.


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