Ruhi’s love story to begin in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita has come back from the lockup. Mrs. Bhalla does her aarti and welcomes her home. The Bhallas party. They have wine and celebrate. The new guy Suhail proved Ishita innocent. He asks Raman not to worry, as he will manage everything.

The family did not expect any stranger to help them this way. Bhallas and Iyers celebrate. Suhail’s charm will be striking Ruhi now. He wins everyone’s heart. Suhail is attracted to Ruhi. Later, Raman is in tension because of Shagun. He gets angry on Shagun as Shagun is ready to give divorce to Mani and marry Vidyut. Ishita and Vidyut are also upset by their wrong planning.

Raman and Ishita see Ruhi talking to someone on call, and spy assuming Ruhi is dating someone. Ishita stops Raman and asks him to give time to Ruhi, so that Ruhi tells them herself if there is someone in her life. Suhail is being good to everyone. Adi gets scolded by Raman at office.

Suhail takes the blame on himself and defends Adi. Suhail helps Raman and asks him to use his godown, its free and not in use now. Suhail acts sweet to Bhalla family. Raman gets angry seeing Ruhi. On the other hand, Ishita is worried for Pihu and asks her not to leave home. She apologizes to Pihu for her and asks her to give her one chance. Pihu hugs Ishita. Ruhi’s love track will be beginning soon in the show. Keep reading.


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