Shocking: Shivay proclaims Tia as his wife in Ishqbaaz


Pinky can’t believe Tia has run away. Shivay gets the kidnapper’s call from Tia’s phone. Shivay falls in the trap and is ready to pay the ransom. The kidnapper tells Shivay that he is taking revenge from him for the previous business losses.

Omkara and Rudra accompany Shivay in facing this problem. Omkara asks Shivay not to face every problem again. Shivay chooses to go alone and solve his own problem. Omkara asks him why did he not ask about before marrying Anika to solve the mess.

Shivay does not want to involve them in kidnapping matter. Omkara and Rudra do not listen to Shivay. They remark how Shivay surprised them by marrying Anika. Shivay tells them that Tia is kidnapped by his business rival. He feels guilty that Tia is bearing the problem because of him, and now he has to get her back safely. Omkara and Rudra become the supportive brothers again. They all go to rescue Tia. Shivay pays the ransom amount and gets Tia freed. Tia makes the kidnapping appear real.

Shivay blames himself for Tia’s state. He assumes Tia has died. Omkara consoles Shivay. They find Tia alive. Tia apologizes to Shivay for the problems. She lies about her kidnapping. Shivay falls in her story trap. She makes Shivay feel blameworthy.

Shivay hugs Tia and assures everything will be fine. Tia and her mom have planned the kidnapping drama to make it a win-win situation for them. They were sure Shivay will not involve police to save his name, and believe the kidnapping. Tia wins Shivay’s sympathy. Shivay gets Tia home. Pinky sympathizes with Tia. Shivay tells the kidnapping incident. Dadi fears seeing Tia’s bad steps over Anika’s red footprints.

Tia has come back. Shivay started believing Tia once again. Though Anika was trying hard to expose Tia’s face, she failed. Shivay and Anika have long silence between them. Shivay hugs Tia and declares he will marry Tia.

Rudra makes Tia leave from the room. Dadi asks Rudra not to come between Shivay and Anika. She explains Tia to stay as guest till she marries Shivay, right now Anika has right to stay with Shivay. Dadi gives a lecture to Tia. Anika hates Shivay for threatening about Sahil and forcing her for marriage. Dadi asks Shivay to value the marriage rituals, and says Shivay can’t break everything at once. Next day, the media comes to meet Shivay and his bride. Tia addresses the media with Shivay. Shivay tells everyone that Tia is his wife. Everyone get a shock. Anika cries seeing Shivay with Tia. Tia is back with her drama, and no one expected her to come back. Tia makes excuses to stay close to Shivay. What will Anika do now? Keep reading.


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