Prem to reconcile with Simar heartily…


After many years, Prem has realized his love for Simar again. Prem was angry on Simar and also himself for loving Simar. Now, the things got fine. Simar has won Prem’s trust and love back. Prem hurts himself angrily. Simar stops him.

Prem and Simar pacify each other and cry. Prem apologizes to Simar and cries. Prem has understood that Simar will always stand by his side, even when the world gets against him. After Anjali’s marriage, Prem has realized his mistake of not believing Simar about Vikram’s truth. Prem cries and wants to make up for his mistakes. Simar has forgotten all the bitterness and asks Prem not to shatter like this, as they can’t change the truth that Anjali and Vikram are married now. She asks him to think how to save Anjali’s life. Simar gives strength to Prem, and asks him to be strong enough to fight for Anjali’s happiness. Prem finds himself lucky to get Simar. Prem apologizes for fighting and taunting her for little issues. Prem got Anjali married and did not hear Simar. He tells Simar that he has realized his mistakes and now he will always listen to her. Khushi comes to tell them about Vikram. Keep reading.


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