Tanuja to leave from Rishi’s life in Kasam


There is a big twist in Kasam. Malaika has shown Tanuja’s pregnancy reports to Rishi. Rishi asks Tanuja about her reports. He is much disappointed. He asks Tanuja why did she tell him that she loves him. Rishi confronts Tanuja for her pregnancy.

Rishi is shocked and tells Tanuja that he hates her for her big lie. He wishes he died before knowing of Tanuja’s deceive. Tanuja cries and is sad that Rishi does not trust her. Rishi regrets that he has seen Tanu in Tanuja. He feels Tanuja has used his emotions and cheated him. Tanuja bears all the blames. When Tanuja tries to tell him something, Rishi does not hear her. Actually, Ahana’s daughter is pregnant, and its her pregnancy report. She has taken help from Tanuja. Tanuja has taken the blame on her to save Ahana’s daughter. Rishi will surely regret to not believe Tanuja. Rano asks Tanuja to leave from her house right away. Will Tanuja and Rishi’s relation break by this? Keep reading.


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