Rudra tricks Yamini to break the evil team in Naagin 2


Rocky expresses his love for Shivangi. Rocky does not know Shivangi is a Naagin. Shivangi gets busy in her normal routine. Rocky spends some time with Shivangi by helping her in her work. Rocky shouts out his love to Shivangi.

On the other hand, Akhilesh gets angry seeing Yamini entering his room in his absence. He asks her the reason. Yamini and Akhilesh have bad terms. She makes excuses. Yamini asks Akhilesh does he have any protective shield, else she will ask Kapalika to get a Garuda locket for him. Akhilesh makes her leave and gets angry. Later, Yamini gets Rudra home by seeing the Naagmani tattoo on his neck. Rudra fools Yamini to enter the house, by tricking that he is also a key to get the Naagmani. Rudra will join Yamini now and enter the team to break them. Shivangi has saved Rudra’s life. Rudra tells Shivangi about his plans to settle scores with Yamini. Rudra and Shivangi think of the new strategies to tackle their enemies.

Rudra and Shivangi have friendship and their revenge motives in common, but Rocky does not know this. Shivangi meets Rudra and tells about Akhilesh’s entry. She asks him to be alert as their enemies are increasing. Shivangi had met Rudra at night. When Rocky knows this, he gets angry and confronts Shivangi.

Rocky asks her why did she meet Rudra in his room at night. He scolds her on her bad character and gives her divorce papers. He asks Shivangi to sign on the papers and now their relation will end. She denies meeting Rudra. Rocky asks Shivangi why does she lie and make excuses to meet Rudra, does she love Rudra? Rocky breaks the flower-pot angrily. Shivangi notices Rocky’s nails, which are blue. Shivangi understands it’s not her Rocky, as he can never be so rude towards her. Shivangi gets to know that Sesha has taken Rocky’s avatar and asking Shivangi for divorce. Shivangi refuses to sign on the papers and fails Sesha’s plans. Rudra is playing right game to divide their enemies, as everyone is greedy to get the Naagmani. Yamini plans an attack on Akhilesh so that the contenders for the Naag mani get less. Keep reading.

Earlier in Naagin 2:

Yamini gives the party arrangements responsibility to Shivangi and Rocky. Sesha tries to use this chance to get close to Rocky. Its Manav and Niddhi’s wedding anniversary. Sesha goes to Rocky in Shivangi’s avatar and gets a big shock by Garuda Mani.

Rocky is wearing a Garuda locket given by Kapalika to get saved by Naag. Sesha always agrees to Yamini, hoping she gets Rocky. But, she gets angry on Yamini for not telling her about Garuda locket worn by Rocky. Akhilesh is happy to be back. Yamini and Sesha get a shock seeing him. Shivangi sees him. Yamini takes Akhilesh’s blessings as he is her Jeth ji. Sesha gets angry seeing him and cries. Yamini tells Rocky that Akhilesh is her Jeth ji. He has come to trouble Yamini.


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