Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Swaragini:Swara and Ragini call some men to get the house renovated. Some goons come to rob Maheshwari house. Nikhil is the head of the goons. Nikhil has a gun and shoots in air. The family get shocked. Nikhil threatens to kill them and asks them to get all the cash and jewelry from the bank.

Mansi and Nikhil have made them house arrest. Swara gets ready to get all the money from the bank locker of Abhimanyu. Sanskar tells Swara that he will come with her. All the cash and jewelry of Abhimanyu is on Mishka’s name in the bank. Nikhil has kidnapped Mishka. Swara asks them not to hurt Mishka. Swara will rob the bank to save Mishka. There will be much adventures when Swara and Sanskar rob the bank for saving Mishka.


Harman is injured and takes rest. Soumya could not go to Harman. Harman gets emotional sees her and tells Soumya that he can’t help himself, but he is in love with her. Harman is madly in love with Soumya. Harman got saved by the deadly accident, but has much bruises on his heart. Soumya is worried by Preeto’s warnings. Harman imagines Soumya and talks to her. Harman tells Soumya that even she will be having a heart, he will not lose till he wins her heart.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Kosi goes out to the Devi maa temple at night and gets scared seeing a ghost. The temple bell starts ringing. She gets shocked and tries to run away. Kosi have seen Thapki in the temple, and thinks Thapki is a ghost. Thapki sees Kosi and takes Vaani’s avatar to go to her. Kosi runs away and collides with Vaani. Thapki has planned all this to know Kosi’s truth. Vaani asks Kosi to calm down, Thapki has died and she can never come back. Vaani asks Kosi to come to temple, else she will die by the fear.

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Naagin 2:

Rudra and Alia are getting engaged. Everyone is happy Rocky doubts that Rudra and Shivangi have an affair. He imagines Shivangi with Rudra. Rocky sees Shivangi dancing romantically with Rudra, but its not the reality. Actually, Rudra is dancing with Alia post their engagement. He gets jealous and sits drinking. Sesha comes to him and expresses his love to Rocky. Rocky compliments her looks. Sesha thanks and hugs Rocky. Rocky is drunk and dances with Sesha. Sesha gets happy. Rocky is angry and does not understand what’s the truth. His mind is playing games with him, and moreover Sesha is taking Shivangi and Rocky’s avatar by create misunderstanding between them. Rocky feels Shivangi loves Rudra and feels cheated.


Rishi asks Tanuja does she love him, and if she does, what can she do for his happiness. Tanuja tells him that she loves him and can do anything for his happiness. Rishi gets her to Rano and Malaika. He asks Tanuja to sign the divorce papers if she wants his happiness. Tanuja gets a big shock.

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