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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:
Sanchi tells Aryan about Sushant’s truth. Aryan goes to ask Sushant about Maya. Aryan confronts Sushant. Sushant agrees to have relation with Maya, as he have always loved her and wanted to marry her. Aryan gets shocked.


Raghav and Naina got married. Naina is very upset and feels her best friend has cheated her. Naina was happily marrying Veer, and did not know Veer has run away. Dadi joins Naina and Raghav’s hands. Naina can’t get peace when her marriage happened without her consent. Raghav has married Naina on Dadi’s saying. Naina feels Raghav has back-stabbed her and gets in shock. Naina and Raghav are good friends, but she did not love him. Raghav took Veer’s place to save family respect. Raghav gave the sacrifice of his happiness and love for Sanjana, and even made Naina sacrifice her feelings. Raghav faces family’s taunts, and also Naina’s annoyance. Naina does the grah pravesh rituals for Asha’s happiness and does not want to give any shock to Asha. Rajeev and Chanchal get upset that Naina got married to the Mehra family servant Raghav, not the Mehra heir Veer.

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Jaggi’s wrestling training centre have become the problem for Modi family. Paridhi and Mone are creating problems. They call the women to protest against Jaggi. Mahila Samidhi get a donkey along and insult Jaggi by naming the donkey as Jaggi. Even the police comes there. Gopi and Kokila are shocked. Kokila tells Jaggi that none has done such fights in Modi house. Gopi complains to the inspector and takes Jaggi’s side. She asks a lady to give statement in Jaggi’s favor. The lady saves Jaggi by saying about his innocence. Jaggi tells them that Paridhi and Mona have done this. Kokila was also in doubt and blamed, but the doubt then goes on Paridhi and Mona. Jaggi is fed up by the drama at home.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Rani has fallen in problem. Rani has got land for the temple, but a wine factory opens on that land. A man died by the factory, and the village ladies catch Rani for being greedy and opening wine factory by cheating him. Rani defends herself and tells them that it’s a misunderstanding. The ladies in Amerkot have fire in hearts. Rani is caught up by the women, and they tie her to the tree. Rani cries, but the village ladies do not listen to her. They tie Rani to the tree and blacken her face.

Raja’s mum asks the ladies to leave Rani. Rani asks what are they doing and cries. The ladies scold Rani for being bad-hearted and using them. Rani is applied black color on face and dragged by the ladies. Rani tells them that she is not the culprit. Rani fails to explain those ladies. The lady tells Rani that if her intentions are black, even her face should be black. All the ladies of Amerkot have become enemies of Rani, and do not even want to see Rani’s face.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naira reaches a dhaba to know the real culprit. Naira and Gayu come to find out Kartik’s innocence. A man calls Naira and says he knows who has killed Akshara. The man comes to meet Naira and runs away seeing police. Manish goes to hire a big lawyer to help out Kartik from the case.


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