Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil – Naina-Raghav’s marriage


Raghav and Naina got married. Naina is very upset and feels her best friend has cheated her. Naina was happily marrying Veer, and did not know Veer has run away. Dadi joins Naina and Raghav’s hands.

Naina can’t get peace as her marriage happened without her consent. Raghav has married Naina on Dadi’s saying. Naina feels Raghav has back stabbed her and gets in shock. Naina and Raghav are good friends, but did not love him. Raghav took Veer’s place to save family respect. Raghav gave the sacrifice of his happiness and love for Sanjana, and even made Naina sacrifice her feelings. Raghav faces family’s taunts, and also Naina’s annoyance. Naina does the grah pravesh rituals for Asha’s happiness and does not want to give any shock to Asha. Rajeev and Chanchal get upset that Naina got married to the Mehra family servant Raghav, not the heir Veer. Naina always had dreams of marrying a prince, though she does not love money.

Naina is in tension and goes through a chaos of emotions. Both Naina and Raghav did not think of marriage, and none expected their marriage. Pam has planned and made Veer run away. Naina goes to her room and cries recalling the marriage. Sudha and Pam are happy that Raghav has solved their problem, and landed in big problem by marrying Naina. Naina will know Raghav’s truth, why he was made to marry her by Dadi. Naina and Raghav’s life journey has begun. The story turns interesting and dramatic now. Keep reading.

Earlier in Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil:

Dadi tells Raghav that Naina is like pure gold. She sends a beautiful necklace for Naina. Raghav takes the necklace and gives to Naina. Dadi is sure Naina will keep the family united. Naina likes the necklace and asks Raghav to make her wear it. Raghav asks her to come in mandap, as Veer is waiting. Raghav compliments her beauty. Naina thanks him. The beautiful friendship between Raghav and Naina will soon blossom in love. They will realize the feelings for each other. Naina gets married to Raghav. She gets in shock seeing Raghav as her groom. Naina and Raghav’s grah pravesh is done. Naina gets upset and walks the other side. Dadi looks on and worries for their relation.

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