Raja and Rani face a really bad phase in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani


Rani has fallen in problem. Rani has got land for the temple, but a wine factory opens on that land. A man died by the factory, and the village ladies catch Rani for being greedy and opening wine factory by cheating him.

Rani defends herself and tells them that it’s a misunderstanding. The ladies in Amerkot have fire in hearts. Rani is caught up by the women, and they tie her to the tree. Rani cries, but the village ladies do not listen to her. They tie Rani to the tree and blacken her face. Raja’s mum asks the ladies to leave Rani. Rani asks what are they doing and cries. The ladies scold Rani for being bad-hearted and using them. Rani is applied black color on face and dragged by the ladies. Rani tells them that she is not the culprit.

Rani fails to explain those ladies. The lady tells Rani that if her intentions are black, even her face should be black. All the ladies of Amerkot have become enemies of Rani, and do not even want to see Rani’s face. They ashamed Rani by their bad behavior. Raja’s one wrong decision has done all this. Rani cries out in pain. Raja’s mum cries seeing Rani’s state. The man died by drinking the poisonous wine. Raja also faces problem, when police catches him and arrests him. Raja could not reach Rani. They both are crying and are hurt. Rani faces much humiliation. Raja has not signed on the temple papers. Someone else is the culprit, and Rani has to find out now. Keep reading.


Earlier in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani

Raja is jealous seeing Rani with Iqbal. He gets drunk and sings the song to express his anger on Rani. Raja creates a scene in the party. Rani gets embarrassed and tries to stop Raja. Raja pushes Rani and gives a chance to help Rani again. Raja does not like Iqbal helping Rani always. Raja feels insecure.

Later, Rani apologizes to Raja by giving him a beautiful surprise. Raja hugs Rani and forgives her. Raja and Rani have a romantic moment. Raja gets much feelings for Rani and showers love on her. He lifts Rani in arms. Raja and Rani get romantic. Rani succeeds in making his anger end. Raja’s heart melts seeing the arrangements and setup done by Rani.


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