Shivay and Anika’s Tashan-moments return in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Anika’s pool moments will be seen again. They don’t need a reason to argue. Shivay and Anika do the ritual of feeding food to each other. Anika does not agree to have food by his hands.

Omkara and Rudra make Anika feed the food to Shivay. Anika gets fainting and falls down. Shivay holds her and feeds the sweets to her, when Omkara tells him that Anika’s BP got low. Rudra tries to find out opportunities to unite them. Rudra asks Shivay to quickly feed the food to Anika. Anika gets conscious. Rudra holds Anika’s hand, and makes her feed Shivay the sweets. Tia’s mom scolds Shivay for being so insensitive towards Tia and enjoying with family, when Tia is crying in her room. Shivay asks what happened to Tia.

Tia’s mom tells him about Tia’s eye infection and puts the blame on Anika. Tia tells Shivay that Anika has put black pepper in her eyes in anger. Shivay gets angry and believes Tia, without thinking if Anika can do this. Tia is trying to keep Shivay and Anika away by planting many misunderstandings. Tia’s mom also came to stay in Oberoi mansion to help out Tia. Shivay goes to argue with Anika, and asks her to apologize to Tia. Anika refuses and tells him that its not her mistake. Shivay and Anika have an argument with equal tashan and taunts. Shivay says you have to apologize. Anika says I will not apologize. Shivay keeps on insisting and tries forcing her.

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Anika stays adamant and does not agree. He holds her hand and takes her. Anika tells him that she did not do anything and why will she apologize to Tia. Shivay says you don’t do anything, things happen on their own. Anika tries leaving. He stops her and lifts her. Shivay throws her in the swimming pool angrily. Anika will not stay silent now and take her Jhansi ki rani avatar to tackle Tia. She tells Shivay that water is going overhead now and she will not listen to him now. Marriage matters to Anika, but does not like what Shivay is doing. Anika does not want to bear the injustice. Dadi hopes that Shivay and Anika understand the meaning of love by their small fights and arguments.


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