Misunderstandings break up Naina’s trust on Raghav


Raghav goes to explain the situation to Naina. Raghav holds Naina. Naina uses the pepper spray on him and scolds him asking him not to touch her. She gets angry on him and says he has bad intentions to marry her.

She asks him not to try to act like her husband. Raghav screams and asks her to listen to him. Naina asks him why did he do this with her, when she regarded him a friend. Raghav asks her to listen once. Naina did not know the truth. Raghav wanted to tell her the truth. Naina feels Raghav has replaced Veer intentionally. Raghav cares for her eyes. Chanchal comes there to their room.

Chanchal teases Naina and Raghav for family planning. Naina feels Raghav has cheated her and is very upset. Raghav feels upset and could not explain her the situation. Asha gives her husband’s locket to Raghav, but Naina scolds Raghav for wearing her dad’s locket and having no shame. Naina asks Raghav why did he convince her to marry Veer, when she did not will to marry Veer before. She says you lied to me and married me. She asks was this his game plan. Naina has lost all the trust on Raghav. She calls him the worst man, as he is the one who cheated her. Raghav finds a corner in room and cries.


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