Shakti – Harman v/s Preeto


Soumya comes to Harman, by hiding from Preeto. Preeto is not letting Soumya meet Harman. Soumya wakes up Harman. Soumya can’t see Harman in pain. Soumya makes kada for Harman. Harman wakes up and sees Soumya, when she was leaving. He holds Soumya’s hand and makes her sit.

Soumya tells him that she made kada for him. Harman confesses his love to Soumya once again. He says I love you Soumya, which shocks her. Harman asks Soumya to swear on him and never go away from him. He is glad that Soumya has come to him by listening her heart and did not get scared of anyone. Harman can’t drink the kada by the bitter taste, but for Soumya’s sake, he drinks kada. He finds the kada sweet as its made by Soumya. He does not let Soumya go away.

Preeto gets to know Soumya has gone to Harman’s room, and slaps her hard. Preeto rages and tells Soumya that she will kill Soumya, and this time even Harman can’t do anything to save Soumya. Harman gets to know Soumya got slapped, and comes to ask Preeto who has slapped Soumya. Preeto admits that she slapped Soumya and asks Harman what will he do. Harman initiates a war at home to stand by Soumya.

Earlier in Shakti:

Harman is injured after the accident. Harman takes rest. Soumya could not go to Harman. Harman gets emotional sees her and tells Soumya that he can’t help himself, but he is in love with her. Harman is madly in love with Soumya. Harman got saved by the deadly accident, but has much bruises on his heart. Soumya is worried by Preeto’s warnings.

Harman imagines Soumya and talks to her. Harman tells Soumya that even she will be having a heart, he will not lose till he wins her heart. When Soumya meets Harman, Preeto slaps Soumya and rages in anger. She is worried for Harman. She blames Soumya for Harman’s accident. Preeto explained Soumya to be away from Harman, but Soumya did not listen. Preeti kicks out Soumya from the house. Surbhi apologizes to Preeto. Preeto scolds Soumya. She does not want Soumya to be in front of her for a moment. Surbhi manages Soumya and takes her.


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