Chandra Nandni – Hate-love journey


Chandra and Nandini have hatred between them. They fight and always argue with bitter words. Chandra’s sister has come. Chandra declares that he has fixed his sister’s marriage with neighbor province prince. His sister gets a big shock and cries.

Chandra understands relations. He hates Nandini. Everyone is worried seeing Chandra and Nandini’s togetherness. Helena is upset that Chandra always listens to Nandini. She feels he is getting inclined towards Nandini, even when he hates her. Helena is in love with Chandra. Nandini is happy that Chandra has spared her brother’s life and also got to know Chandra did not kill her father. Now, her hatred has got less. Nandini meets Avantika and tells her that PadmaNand is alive. Avantika gets glad by the news. Will Chandra and Nandini forget their differences and bond? Keep reading.



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