Naina receives big shock by Raghav’s truth in Pardes


Dadi is trying to get Naina and Raghav together. Naina is very upset and behaves like she is not in her own self. Dadi gets Naina to do the post marriage rituals. Dadi is happy, but Naina is very much lost.

Dadi tells Naina that Naina has to win and show women power. Dadi calls Raghav and makes him sit with Naina. Dadi puts the ring in the huge milk bowl and asks them to find the ring. Dadi cheers for Naina and asks her to find ring. Naina does not listen to Dadi and sits crying. Dadi keeps insisting and brings her out of shock. Dadi makes Naina play the game. Raghav sees Naina lost and looks at Dadi. Naina feels betrayed by Raghav. Naina leaves from there. Pam gives the big shock to Naina by telling her Raghav’s truth, that Raghav is their servant, and not Veer’s brother. Pam says Raghav is just an adopted child and does not belong to Mehra family. Naina gets another shock by knowing this. Raghav hopes time will make things between them, as Naina does not value Mehra name and property, she will just see his heart. Raghav apologizes to Naina. She does not forgive him. What will Naina decide? Keep reading.


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