Naira and Kartik’s relation messed up in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Kartik and Naira to unite

Naira got to know that Kartik has become free and out of jail. Gayu and Naira come to find him at the Dargah. Naira goes to apologize to Kartik. Naira and Kartik reach the Dargah. They both pray together about each other’s prayers getting fulfilled.

Fate has brought them to this point where they can’t see the things getting fine between them. They both make mannat. Naira stops him and tries to apologize. Kartik is annoyed with her and does not want to talk to her. Kartik is going to Goenka house. Naira prays to get Kartik. She gets surprised seeing him beside her. Naira got to know Kartik did not do Akshara’s accident. Kartik thanks Naira for not trusting him and hurting him this way. Naira tries to explain him the situation. Manish and Naitik have become bitter hearted, and seems even if Naira and Kartik agree to get together, their fathers will not unite them. Naira and Kartik’s relation got complications. Naira wants everything to get fine and peace gets restored in both the families. Naira has to give some time to Kartik, so that he can understand Naira himself.



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