Beyhadh – Maya’s new avatar


After Maya’s Aasmani Ishq, the viewers will now get to see Maya’s craze in a new color. Maya will take revenge and the Intezaam-e-Ishq will be seen.

It so happens that Arjun gets caught up by inspector and gets slapped. Seeing Arjun’s bleeding, Maya loses her temper. Maya aims to take revenge from that inspector by ruining his life, for the mistake he made to slap Maya’s lover.

Saanjh is angry seeing Maya and Arjun’s picture in the newspaper. Saanjh shows the newspaper and asks Arjun to read the paper. Arjun gets shocked seeing the picture. Arjun does not know how the news came in paper. Saanjh asks Arjun to tell complete thing. She asks Arjun did he take Maya with him, to their favorite spot. Arjun was at his favorite place where he goes with Saanjh, but Maya met him there. Someone clicked their pictures. Now everyone will know of Arjun and Maya’s relation. Saanjh is angry as Arjun changed and is not listening to her after Maya came in his life. Saanjh sees Arjun doing special things for Maya. Saanjh feels Arjun is getting close to Maya. Maya is also worried and cries because of her Papa’s fear. Maya’s many emotions and avatars are seen in the show. Keep reading.


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