Naina’s bitterness gets high for Raghav in Pardes


Raghav has done a big favor on Dadi by marrying Naina on Dadi’s saying. Sudha and Pam make plans to make Raghav leave from the house. Even Madan and Balraj are worried seeing Raghav getting high in Dadi’s eyes. Everyone hates Raghav.

When they got to know Dadi is going to name her property to Raghav, they all plan to make Raghav out. They all feel Raghav fails their plans and treat him badly like a servant. Raghav gets hurt by their rude behavior. Raghav does not say anything and quietly leaves from house to stay in outhouse. Later, Naina sees Raghav paying money to Veer. She gets mistaken that Raghav and Veer trapped her. Naina is not believing on Raghav and is very unhappy with the marriage.

Naina is lost in thoughts and walks sadly. There is a snow storm. Police asks people to vacate the place. Naina is trapped in the storm. Raghav rushes to find Naina as anything can happen in bad weather. Naina does not know the country well. The cops stop Raghav from going ahead. Raghav breaks through the barriers and rushes to Naina. Raghav is worried for Naina and looks for her everywhere. The people vacate the restaurant area where snow storm has occurred. Naina has thoughts in her mind and does not know what’s happening around. A cop stops Naina and she does not listen. Same cop tells Raghav about Naina going the risky place. Raghav finds Naina and asks her to come along. Naina refuses. Raghav could not do anything to convince her. He lifts Naina and takes her home. Raghav saves Naina’s life. Keep reading.

Earlier in Pardes

Naina is not able to understand Raghav. Raghav feels she is justified to think he is a liar and not able to trust him. Naina hates him, but Raghav has concern for her. Sudha comes to Naina and asks her to return all the jewelry they gave her. Naina removes her jewelry and returns to Sudha. Sudha wants to make Naina go away. Raghav gifts her a ring, which she sold at the shop that day to pay Chanchal the home rent. The ring belongs to Naina’s mum Asha. When Raghav tells Naina that he has bought the ring, and did not know its her ring, Naina gets angry. Raghav says I just have this ring to gift you. There are cute moments between them. Naina accepts the ring from Raghav.


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