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Beyhadh: When Arjun and Maya’s picture comes in newspaper, Saanjh scolds him. On the other hand, Maya is scared as she knows who has done this thing. Saanjh fears knowing that her dad has got the picture printed in newspaper.

Maya is also very upset and tensed. She does not want her past to affect her present. Maya sees the flickering lights and gets scared. Saanjh loves Arjun. Saanjh cries fearing to lose Arjun. Arjun consoles her as a friend, and does not know her feelings. Arjun tries to cheer her up. Saanjh always tries to explain Arjun to be away from Maya. Arjun does not care and has no worries. Arjun gets candy floss for Saanjh. Maya has obsession for Arjun, while Saanjh is shedding tears always. Saanjh asks Arjun does he love Maya. Arjun says I don’t love Maya. He is fed up explaining her. He does sit ups to apologize to Saanjh.

Santoshi Maa:

Dhairya buys Santoshi’s Maayka house so that he can own the house and get baby born in his house. Dhairya wants to keep up his saying and ego. Santoshi tears the papers and tells him that this house will always me mine. Dhairya is getting mad by negative influence and slaps Santoshi angrily, which shocks Santoshi and her family.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Piyush and Vaidehi were working together. Khushi makes it a big issue and tells Piyush and Vaidehi have an affair. Piyush scolds Khushi and asks her not to say anything to Vaidehi. Khushi calls Vaidehi shameless to stay in their house. Vaidehi cries and leaves from the house. Piyush tries to stop her. Piyush and Vaidehi’s friendship is defamed by Khushi. Prem supports Vaidehi. Simar does not believe on Khushi’s nonsense. Simar scolds Khushi for ruining Anjali’s life. She says I know Khushi is trying to ruin Piyush’s life. She warns Khushi to stay away from her children’s lives.


Mohini is worried after Raina succeeded to save Rishabh. Mohini does not know how Raina failed her. She angrily breaks the mirror after her inner self laughs on her for losing out to Raina. Raina and Rishabh see Brahmarakshas attacking the village. The people run around. A small kid gets trapped and cries. Raina and Rishabh save the kid.

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Priyanka faints. Aryan and Sanchi send her to hospital. Sanchi tells Aryan that Priyanka would have known about Sushant and Mala’s relation.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki laid trap for Kosi, and got trapped herself. Thapki is hurt and does the aid to her wound. Vasundara comes to Vaani and sees her injury. Vasundara does the aid and showers care on Vaani. Vasundara does the aid. Thapki gets emotional and hugs Vasundara. On the other hand, Bihaan cries after Kosi’s truth came out. Kosi has accepted all her crimes. Bihaan requests Kosi to leave the house. He was attached to Kosi. He is hurt knowing what all Kosi did against him.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya, Tanu and Abhi were caught by goons. Abhi gets shot. Pragya takes him in lap and says nothing will happen to you. Pragya asks someone to get water. She asks Abhi to keep eyes open. Her kumkum bhagya is in danger again. Abhi sees Pragya’s tears and mangalsutra. He thinks there is some connection why Pragya is getting so concerned for him. Tanu is present there. Police comes and catches goons after Abhi gets shot. Purab and Pragya rush Abhi to hospital.


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