Harman encourages Soumya to fight for rights in Shakti


Soumya takes care of Harman. She does the leg wound aid and bears all tortures by Preeto for Harman’s sake. Harman has chosen Soumya as his life partner. Harman is standing with Soumya always.

Harman asks Soumya what shall I do, if my family mistreats you. She asks him to leave her and re-marry to start a new life. Soumya says everyone will blame me for the property division, don’t do this. Harman says blame was on me also when I kidnapped you instead Surbhi. He flirts with Soumya and compliments her looks. Soumya gives medicines to Harman. Harman does drama and troubles her. He asks do you have right to do drama and teases her. Harman and Soumya have cute moments where Harman encourages Soumya to fight for her rights. The real twists will come when Singh family have division.


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